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Dog Showing

I have to admit, dog showing was one of the LAST hobbies, next to SCUBA diving that I thought I would ever take up.  However, here I am  years later and they are both my two most beloved hobbies! So word of advice, never say never. :-)

Some people like showing dogs to feed their competitive nature. However I've never been very competitive so that is not the most attractive piece to me. In fact it can be one of the dark sides of showing dogs if people carry it too far. What I DO love and find fascinating is the genetics of dogs and the centuries of breeding that went into creating a certain look . The health, the temperament, the history.  Dog showing is so much more than competition. Looking at a dog is like admiring a fine piece of art. You critique the form, the movement, the expression. The nuances of the top-line, the head, the tail set, the gait.  Breeding dogs is like structural engineering but in flesh from a genetic level.

In my career I have been priviledged to have worked with some of the greatest scientists on the planet. In my work at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and now in my current role at one of the most prolific Intellectual Property/Invention Investment companies. In my personal life I have been blessed with some wonderful artist friends. The commonality between the two is the light in their eyes when speaking of their work, the excitement in discovering and creating.  For me, showing and raising dogs is the perfect blend of science and art, and I finally understand how each of these individuals feels towards their passion.



BTCWW meeting, puppy match and costume

Wow, what a great time at the BTCWW meeting and puppy match. Spent time with friends locally and not so local.  My dear friend Hillary Stanford drove up from Portland and it's always good to see her.

The puppy match was fun and informative. Helping us newbies and new puppies. The costume contest was HILARIOUS!  So many cute little Bostons made even more cute in their little costumes.

And most importantly it was nice to get my mom, who is a senior, out of the house for some fun and socializing. I hope she had a good time.


New Website Launched!

Check it out, it's all new and improved! Let us know what you think. We would love to hear your feedback.

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