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Puppy Shoot at Artis Photography

Before Omar went to his new home, I took Tilly and Mac's boys in for a little photo shoot at Artis photography in Mill Creek. These ladies do an amazing job photographing your pets, children, weddings etc.  We had so much fun.

Pictures can be viewed here


Frenchie Photos Artis Photography


Westminster-Better late than never blog

Congrats to CH FLYING FORD N SUNGLO DRAGON'S BORDEAUX "Drake" a Sunglo "Vinnie" kid for taking BOB in the Boston Terriers at Westminster!!!!! Janice-breeder/owner/handler you guys looked AWESOME out there in the Group line up and represented the breed superbly.

I cannot convey enough how excited I was to be watching the Westminster Kennel Club 134th anniversary show on TV. ,Non-sporting group and there was Janice and "Drake", a dog that I had seen at the BTCWW 30th anniversary Specialty in the summer of 2009, and at Rose City Classic Cluster weeks before and bred by local gals!!!! This was not only a win for the breed and local breeders, but a HUGE win for ethical breeders who have brought their dogs to the pinnacle through ethics and hard work, not the backing of rich people and ad campaigns. It meant so much more than just a win for a local dog. In my heart it was a win for those who have a true dedication for the fancy of dog breeding and showing. True fanciers of any breed get their dogs to the top through merit, excellent breeding, dedication and hard work.  


Way to go Flying Ford and Sunglo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Flying Ford Boston Terriers


Sunglo Boston Terriers


Off-leash Dog Parks and "play dates" 

With so many people living in apartments, condos and townhomes with tiny yards many are finding it difficult to find ways to get excercise for their pups.  The trendy thing popping up is off-leash dog parks.

I will go on record as saying that I DO NOT recommend off-leash dog parks or off leash "play-dates/meet-ups" with large groups comprised of different breeds of dogs.  (Small, supervised, breed specific groups are OK). At the very least dog parks are a cess-pool of contagious disease and parasites, and at the worst, they are a place for your dog to become seriously injured and maybe even killed.  What most people do not realize is that when two dogs get into a fight, the other dogs in the area will all join in the fight. Very scary and dangerous situation.

Too many people take unsocialized, ill mannered dogs to these parks and let them loose without any supervision. The majority of the owners treat the day at the dog park as more of a social outing for themselves-chatting/texting, drinking their latte, everything under the sun except paying attention to their dog and the dogs around them.  Most dog owners are also uneducated on canine behavior and what cues to watch for.  All things that contribute to dog attacks. 

Several years ago I was speaking with a local and highly respected dog trainer. It was also her belief that off leash dog parks were a horrible idea.  She stated that it is a misconception that dogs need to socialize with other dogs. They need to be polite when they meet or encounter another dog. But they don't really need social time with other dogs. They need to socialize and bond with their humans.

The following are links to two really great articles.

Dog Parks A-recipe-for-Disaster

Dog Parks-Why they are a Bad Idea!!


If you wish to socialize your Frenchie in a safe manner the wonderful guys at Tahoma French Bulldogs have been hosting Frenchie walks for a number of years.  You can sign up for their walks here

Frenchie Walks


And the French Bulldog Club of Puget Sound has recently put together some small, breed specific gatherings.   There are also a number of Farmers Markets in our area that allow well behaved dogs-Fremont Sunday Market as well as the Ballard Market are just a few. Check with your local farmers markets to see if they allow dogs.

Again, I will stress that off-leash dog parks are a BAD idea.  If you truly love your dog and want to keep them safe you will take them for a walk (on a leash) around your neighborhood, or maybe to one of the local farmers markets, or some other fun outing where dogs are allowed. But on a leash or a breed specific gathering with people who are knowledgeable in canine behavior  If you still insist on taking your dog to an off-leash gathering please pick up a can of bear mace/pepper spray at your local sporting goods store beforehand.



"Designer" dogs errr mutts

Ugh, one of the things in the dog world that disgusts me are the scam artists cross breeding purebred dogs and calling them "designer" or "hybrid".  And then charging people a lot of money for them. Wake up consumers!!!!   These are not even breeds!!!  They are mutts, mongrels, curs!  If you pay a lot of money for one of these mutts you have been SCAMMED, lied to and have supported back yard breeders/puppy millers.

People cross breeding dogs are doing it for one thing and one thing only-MONEY. Studies have proven that these "designer" dogs are NOT healthier than purebred dogs.  In fact in many instances they have even more health concerns.  Charles Rupert Stockard is considered by many in the scientific community to be the father of genetic studies.  His early work was conducted at Cornell University and his subjects were purebred dogs. In an effort to study genetics before we even knew that genes and chromosomes existed, he cross bred purebred dogs. Often times the results were disasterous. Jaws that did not match up, legs too long/short for the torso, socket problems, etc.

There are no such breeds as:

Puggles, Frenchtons, Frenchbos, Royal Frenchels, Fauxbos, Malti-poos, Silky-poos, Peeka-poos.  etc.

Unscrupulous back yard and commercial breeders can create all of the cute names that they want and it will NOT change the fact that these dogs are MUTTS!  Are they any less worthy of love than a purebred dog??? NO!!!  They all deserve love, however they do not have the careful breeding behind them that a purebred dog from a reputable breeder does.  Are the breeders producing these mutts concerned about improving the breed and conducting health testing on their dogs? It's doubtful, as:

1) these types of breeders usually are not very intelligent

2) it would cut into their profit margin

So, buyer beware. Do your home work and do not be fooled. If you already have one of these "designer" dogs, love them, but also do not be offended when someone informs you of the truth. Instead of being angry with those telling the truth, be very angry with the one who lied to you and conned you into paying a lot of money for a mutt that in my childhood, would have been given away for free in front of the grocery store, or sold for no more than 100.00


What I feed my dogs

When I was a kid there weren't many choices for what to feed your dogs. However in the last few years canine nutrition has caught up with and in some cases surpassed human nutrition.

Purebred dogs like humans can suffer from food allergies. In some cases those allergies can be devastating and life threatening.  NEVER feed a dog food containing corn or wheat products. Look out for "by-products".

I have tried many high end foods with different results. Some borderline positive and some with some very unpleasant results. The most positive, and consistent results have been with Natural Balance.

Natural Balance is nutritionally sound without corn or wheat and by-products. They have many different options and flavors based on protein.  Natural Balance is the ONLY food that I have found to agree with all of my dogs-both breeds.

I periodically also cook for my dogs and add it to the  Natural Balance.  You can find a lot of wonderful recipes on the internet.  One of my favs. is brown rice boiled with ground turkey, chicken or lamb with chopped apples, blueberries, sweet potato and sometimes frozen veggies like peas and carrots.   And any combo of the above. I've found that the veggies tend to increase the gas. So you may want to re-think that.

When it comes to feeding yourself and your pet, become a label reader.